Summer may be almost over but with Monsoon just around the corner it’ll be here soon. The monsoon is the season of rain when good weather comes, flowers bloom, and puddles cover the roads.

If you are excited about the monsoon time, there is another group of people who dread it and for a good reason. Monsoon isn’t just about spending leisure time in the rain. Monsoon is also about dealing with damp and humid weather. Skincare can become a real challenge during Monsoon and suffer from all kinds of problems like acne breakouts, rashes and dandruff etc.      


How can monsoon affect your skin?

Common skin problems during monsoon

Tips and tricks for healthy glowing skin in monsoon

Monsoon is the time when your skin needs more care and attention than usual. The excessive sweating, humid weather, hot showers and changing weather can have a direct impact on your skin health.

Here are some common skin problems that you might experience during monsoons:

Monsoon is the time when your body produces more oil in order to keep you hydrated. This oil mixes with dirt and dead cells on your face, resulting in acne breakouts.

Exposing your skin to sunlight without taking proper precautions can lead to sunburns. The UV rays of the sun can cause redness, swelling and itching on the affected area. It also increases your risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

It is important to moisturize your skin especially during this season because dryness causes cracking which leads to infection at the worst case scenario; it also makes your skin look dull and lifeless so hydrate it properly!

Blackheads are also one of the most common problems that occur due to excessive sweating during rainy days. The dirt gets trapped below the surface of your skin and forms black spots on your face which look ugly when exposed to sunlight.

Skincare is a big deal. Skincare routines are a vital part of your everyday life. It’s not just about having clear, glowing skin; it’s about feeling good about your appearance, which can have a serious impact on your self-esteem. And what’s more, getting into a skincare routine and following it religiously can help you maintain that youthful glow for longer.

Here are some tips and tricks for healthy glowing skin in monsoon.


Exfoliating helps in removing dead cells, thus making it look fresh and healthy. Also, if you have any acne marks then exfoliating will help in getting rid of them too. It is better to use products which are mild and gentle on the skin as it may cause irritation if used excessively or more often than needed.


There are many products available in the market which can be applied after showering or bathing to protect your skin from drying up or getting damaged by water. Use one such product immediately after taking bath to lock in moisture on your skin and keep it hydrated for longer hours.


Heavy makeup will make your skin look dull and dark. If you have oily skin then avoid wearing heavy makeup during this season. Instead use light coloured foundations as they give a natural glow to the face. You can also apply loose powder after applying foundation so that it stays longer on your face without giving any uneven texture on your face.


Drinking plenty of water helps keep our body hydrated but it also helps keep our skin in good health too! Dehydration can lead to dry patches on the face which can lead to breakouts later on which we all don’t want! So drink more water during this season because it will do wonders for your health as well as beauty!


Diet plays an important role in maintaining healthy glowing skin. You should include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits like oranges, guavas and papayas will help in giving a natural glow to your skin. Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and tomatoes also provide essential nutrients which are required by the body to maintain healthy skin.


This is the first step towards having healthy skin in monsoon. Make sure that you use a sunscreen with SPF 40+ or higher, it should also be water-resistant and have UVA/UVB protection.


Last but not least. While there is enough information on the internet, it’s always good to pay the expert a visit, especially if you are just about to begin your skincare journey. If not anything you can always get reassurance on the challenges and the solutions you have found for yourself! You also have the option of getting an online skin analysis to help you find your skin type and the personal care subscription boxes to address your skincare concerns!


Monsoon is the time for a new beginning. Your skin will inevitably have to deal with more problems during monsoon season, but there are steps you can take to soften the blow. So remember, cosmetics alone won’t solve your problems—a healthy diet, regular exercise, and good skincare regimen will help your skin respond better in monsoon. Good luck!

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